by Adam Rado

"It's a funny way to learn vocabulary."

"Jokabulary" is a uniquely entertaining thought provoking vocabulary book

For students and teachers of

English as a Second Language or American High School English.

The book and CD may be used as a workbook in an English class,

Self- study book for anyone wishing to improve and expand his or her use,

understanding and awareness of contemporary English vocabulary......for example..."A runny nose."

4 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced and high advanced

7 internet linked multimedia activities thru

Wide variety of topics

Jokes, riddles, puns, satire, famous quotes, idioms

Palindromes, anagrams, back-words , synonyms, homonyms

Astrology, psychology, philosophy, sociology

Puzzles and brain teasers

30 interactive communicative vocabulary units

5 additional review units

70+ minutes of listening comprehension narration and dialogue (CD or Cassette)

4 charming loquacious original pop songs

Numerous types of learning activities

Multiple choice, Matching, True or False, Fill-Ins

Discussion, Listening, Brainstorming, Role Playing

On-line multimedia interactive study

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