"FRIENDS" Self-Study Activity


Student Part 1

A) What are the names of the six Friends? Write them above.

Get information about "FRIENDS" here.

(1) Before watching the show answer these questions in the boxes below:

 a) How do you say "friends" in your language?
 b) Do you know the show "Friends"?
 c) Have you watched it? How many times?
 d) Does anybody else in your family watch "Friends"?
e) Did you watch it in English? Were there sub-titles?
 f) Is it very popular in your country?
 g) How long has it been on TV there?
 h) Who is your favorite Friend?


(2) Study questions (B) - (L) below and then

WATCH A "FRIENDS" VIDEO (1 complete episode) --->

**** Low level students should Turn On the Sub-titles in the video, if available.

**** Advanced Students should not use sub-titles for this lesson.

(3) What is the title of this episode of Friends?

(B) Name the other characters in this episode:

(C) List the different places where scenes take place.

(D) Which Friends interact with each other the most in this episode?




(E) Which Friends have problems or conflicts in this episode?

F) Describe one of the problems.

(G) Which Friends are helpful in this episode?

H) Describe how he or she was helpful.

(I) Which Friends act foolishly in this episode?

(KJ) Explain why this was foolish?

K) Describe some funny moments in this episode:

(L) Describe some touching moments in this episode:

Print your finished page for correction and review.

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