TUNE IN to these Questions

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<-What's on your mind ?

(A) Do you have a headache ? (B) What are you thinking about ?

(C)What's bothering you ? (D) Both B & C


<-I'm on the hotseat!

(A) I'm expected to perform (B) I'm in a hurry

(C) I'm in a difficult situation (D) Both A & C

<-Bury your head in the sand

(A) Hide from the truth (B) Work very hard

(C) Sleep all day (D) Both A & C


<-Hot under the collar

(A) the boss has a fever (B) the boss will be confused

(C) the boss is getting angry (C) both A & B


<-It'll be a cold day in Hell before ....

(A) soon... (B) a long time ago

(C) probably never (D) both a & c


You deserve a pat on the back!