TUNE IN to these Questions


<-What's on your mind ?

(A) Do you have a headache ? (B) What are you thinking about ?

(C)What's bothering you ? (D) Both B & C

<-I'm on the hotseat!

(A) I'm expected to perform (B) I'm in a hurry

(C) I'm in a difficult situation (D) Both A & C

<-Bury your head in the sand.

(A) Hide from the truth (B) Work very hard

(C) Sleep all day (D) Both A & C

<-Hot under the collar

(A) the boss has a fever (B) the boss will be confused

(C) the boss is getting angry (C) both A & B

<-It'll be a cold day in Hell before ....

(A) soon... (B) a long time ago

(C) probably never (D) both a & c

<-bright idea

(A) idea for a light (B) clever idea (C) old idea


<-a brainstorming session

(A) while it was raining

(B) a free form suggestion session (C ) after the trouble

<-chomping at the bit

(A) chewing one's pencil (B)working too hard

(C) very very eager (D) both A & B

<-straight to the top!

(A) it will be very successful (B) it will be expensive

(C) it will be difficult (D) both A & B

<-face the music

(A) need to compromise (B) must take criticism

(C) must accept scolding (D) both c & b

<-blows his top

(A) is very unhealthy (B)gets very upset

(C) loses his temper (D) both b & c

<-pull the rug out from under

(A) play a trick on(B) stop one suddenly before one is finished

(C) to be unfriendly (D) both a & b

<-getting carried away

(A) being too emotional (B) having a nightmare

(C) over reacting (D) both a & b

<-blow off some steam

(A) he is firing some workers (B) he is releasing some tension

(C) he is expressing his anger (D) both b & c

<-making a mountain out of a molehill

(A) fantasizing (B) talking to animals

(C) acting very strange (D) making a big problem out of a small one


You deserve a pat on the back!