Bringing Down the House - 2


(A) Watch the movie, discuss and answer the questions below:

1. Describe what happens when Peter wakes Charlene up?

2. What does Peter explain to Charlene while leaving the house?

3. List the characters who all interact at the Country Club.

4. List the options Peter thinks of when he first sees Charlene enter the room.

5. List the terms of the deal (agreement) Peter and Charlene work out.

6. How does Peter's partner, Howie, feel about Charlene?

7. How does the sister, Ashley, insult Charlene?

8. Describe how the family gets Charlene into the house. Explain why.

9. What advice does Charlene give Peter about having fun at the club?

10. What is Charlene coaching Peter to do at home?

11. What happened to Peter's daughter at the party?

12. What does Charlene do to her date?

13. What advice does Charlene give Peter about talking to his daughter?

14. What does Peter do (alone) after talking to his daughter?


Proof read your answer and print this page for your teacher.

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