Bringing Down the House - 3


(A) Watch the movie, discuss and answer the questions below:

At Peter's house:

1. What do Peter's kids do and say to impress Mrs. Arness?

2. What does Mrs. Arness say and do that makes Charlene angry?

3. What do they learn about Charlene from the TV show?\

4. Describe what happens in the parking garage.

5. How and why is Peter able to get in touch with Charlene?

6. How does Peter get into the night club? ( 2 answers )

7. What is Peter's fake offer to Widow?

8. Describe what Mrs. Arness's does at the bar.

9. What saves Charlene from the gunshot?

10. How is Peter able to prove Charlene's innocence?

11. What does Peter decide regarding his job and career?

12. Describe the last scene between Peter and his wife.

13. Describe the last scene between Howie and Charlene.

Proof read your answers and print this page for your teacher.

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