Speak To Me

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Choose the questions and answers with the correct grammar. (Listen for the results.)

<1> Who say that?

<2> Who said that?

<3> Who saying that?

<a> Al Pacino say that.

<b> Will Smith said it.

<c> Richard Gere was said that.


<4> What did he say?

<5> What was he say?

<6> What did she say?

<d> He is saying that,

<e> He said,

<f> He say ,

"This was supposed to be my week end off. I could've been at a barbecue"

<7> Why he's angry?

<8> Why is he angry?

<9> Why he angry?

<g> He was not planning to work this weekend.

<h> He is to week to cook.

<i> He is working at a barbecue.

<10> What are some his movies?

<11> What are some of his movies?

<12> What movies he was in?

<j> He was in

<k> He was into

<l> He have been in

"Independence Day," "Men in Black," "Hancock" & "Hitch"

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