"Bowfinger" Comprehension Questions - 1

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(A) Watch the movie, discuss and answer the questions below:


1. What is Bowfinger (Steve Martin) doing in the first scene of the movie?

2. Who does he meet with the next day? Why?

3. What does he promise them?

4. What agreement does Bowfinger get from Jeffrey Renfro?

5. What does Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) want his manager to get for him?

6. How does Bowfinger get his script to Kit?

7. What is the name of the organization Kit belongs to?

8. What is Kit's slogan? (K.I.T.)

9. Explain Bowfinger's plan for using Kit Ramsey in his movie.

10. According to Bowfinger what does it mean to have " it" ?

11. What things are unusual about Bowfinger's auditions?

12. Where and how do they get their film crew?

13. Describe the first scene they shoot.

14. Where and how do they shoot the next scene?

15. Why does Daisy (the blonde actress) suddenly get interested in Afrim?

16. Explain how they make Kit very scared in the parking garage scene?

Proof read your answers and print this page for your teacher.

Student : @ www.elfs.com