"Bowfinger" Comprehension Questions - 2

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(A) Watch the movie, discuss and answer the questions below:


1. What questions does Bowfinger ask Jiff during his audition?

2. Decribe Jiff's roles in the movie and for the movie production?

3. What are some things Bowfinger does just before he opens the door for Daisy?

4. What does Bowfinger do while Daisy is getting ready? Why?

5. Describe the scene with Daisy & Jiff:

6. Who is Jiff related to? What doesn't he like about it?

7. Describe what happens in the chase scene and how they film it.

8. How do they film Kit & Daisy in the different parts of the observatory?

9. What happens in the fight between the two women?

10. Who arrives before Kit says, "Gotcha Suckas!"

11. What does Carol think about their situation? What does that mean?

12. How does Bowfinger get permission to finish his film?

13. What's the title of their movie? Why?

14. Who's with whom at the movie premiere?

15. What "dream come true" situation happens for Bowfinger? What does he receive?

16. Describe the new movie they make:

Proof read your answers and print this page for your teacher.

Student : @ www.elfs.com